y2cl – The Road to 1000 update 2

Let’s do some numbers!

We are ONE MONTH into this CRAZY goal I have set to post ONE THOUSAND comics this year.

So how am I doing so far?

Let’s look at what I posted in January, shall we?

Totals comics posted: 98

Break down by comic series:

That’s a pretty good first month. I was looking to break 100 in the first month, but to hit the 1000 I only need to average 83 per month. In the first month I’m ahead of the game?

So how am I doing going into February? Well, today is the 10th and I’ve posted 37 comics already with 34 in queue for the rest of this month for a total of 71. If I add in the y2cldaily comic I do everyday on Instagram, which will add 19, this brings out total for February up to 90. Still very much on track to hit the 1000 comics posted in 2016!

Again, why am I doing this? Because I want to see if I can.

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