y2cl – created to make 4 people laugh! And I’m on Wikipedia! 1

Google Doesn't LIE!Google Doesn’t LIE!

As I have said on many interviews and in the past, y2cl was created to make 4 people laugh. This screenshot form Google Reader PROVES it! I knew I wasn’t a liar. This screenshot was taken awhile ago, so I’m not sure how accurate it is.

In other news I found out today from my trusty Google alerts emails that I get that I am references on the Least I Could Do Wikipedia page (seen here)

I’m pretty surprised it’s there since Ryan won’t confirm it and the people of the LICD forum said I was lying when I posted about it in response to LICD’s 2000th comic that contained all the versions of Rayne, but missed mine. Probably because I dropped out prior to the launch, but still I drew the comic dammit.

Yesterday my eldest son went to a week long summer camp. I thought I would be fine with this…but turns out I’m having a hard time. I had him call me yesterday morning before he left and he sounded nervous, but I had given him a beenie of mine to take with him and he said it ‘comforted’ him, so that’s good. This will be good for him I know it! Not sure how good it will be for me and the wife.

Most people have said ‘a week without the kid!? Sweet!’ To be honest I sort of thought that too but it’s only been one day and I want him home! I think I’m a little more of a family man then I let on…haha. I’m sure I’ll mention this in my next blog, but I miss the little bastard!

That’s all for now. This blog will soon expand to have a TON of posts because I am going to import ALL of my old posts from my old blog so they can all be archived in one spot.

Until next time

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