woah Things I’m working on 1

i was just asked ‘trina_the_playful_muse: so what are you working on currently? like comic wise? or artistically period…’

and so i answered her

xjhorsley3x: ok, list what i m working on, here goes
trina_the_playful_muse: lmao
xjhorsley3x: y2christ-lite(my webcomic)
xjhorsley3x: y2christ-weekly)webcomic for divine nation)
xjhorsley3x: Paige(a 12 part GN told in 4 page arcs, each part drawn by a different artist, i have 7 chapters written, chapter one has finished art, chapter 5 has finished penciles, needs to be inka dn lettered and 2 and 4 are being drawn)
xjhorsley3x: Loving People Is Easy(an adaptation of a short story i wrote by Kris Onyskow, the wonderful artist who drew Paige chapter one, will probabaly be 64 pages long)
xjhorsley3x: JMK(a story based on truth written by me and drawn by Rick Bugbee(the guy who did chapter 5 of paige) i have only ideas written out for it, but i am in the development stage with Rick about it right now)
trina_the_playful_muse: holy crap man
xjhorsley3x: Happy Birthday Mr Torque(4 page short i have completly written allready, just waiting for Adam Thur to finish the art)
xjhorsley3x: Larry The Coked out Bunny Presents( finished issue one and it is out, working on issue 2 which is half done, issue 3 has the cover done, and issue 4’s cover is being drawn by Adam Thur)
xjhorsley3x: untitled Larry the Coked out Bunny Story(since people love him so much, im doing a 32 page comic all based on him)
xjhorsley3x: Memoirs of a Suicide(this is a novel i am writting, it will either be a full length novel or just a long short story, it is sitting at 17 chapters and 11,000 words right now)
xjhorsley3x: bseides that
xjhorsley3x: im working on learning Water Colour
xjhorsley3x: on making hand made LTCOB prints
xjhorsley3x: and doing more drawings that people have asked me to do
xjhorsley3x: and not getting paid for a SINGLE thing im work on

i didnt even realize i was working on that much shit, how fun


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