Why do we care about a Royal Wedding?

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Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy for Kate and William. Kudos on their love and marriage. My question is why do we care? The first reason why we shouldn’t is that they are royalty in England and NOT here in America. Furthermore, why does England still have a Royal family? It’s not like they actually do anything. I mean the King/Queen have just been figureheads with no real power for centuries now.

She is WAY to hot for the balding prince.

“Oh look, your mum/grandmum happens to be a queen, and therefore you will have a life of privilege and you will never have to work for anything”


I mean why do some quote ‘sophisticated’ countries still have a monarchical figurehead? Does it really serve any purpose besides costing the taxpayers money?

“Oh but the queen is independently wealthy!”

Bull shit, the queen is wealthy because she is the queen. The same goes for all the other royals. If they weren’t ‘blue bloods,’ they wouldn’t have any of the things they have.

Maybe I just don’t understand. Maybe I am missing something, but it seems to show that a lot of people in America give a shit about what celebrities do and then it gets glorified.

Brad Pitt ate a bagel at this New York deli. While there he went to the bathroom, we are suspecting number 1 because it was short” I mean bloody hell why is this shit NEWS worthy now?

And don’t even get me started on the paparazzi, which I think should be outlawed. Yes, there is a freedom of the press, but there should also be a freedom of being able to walk down the fucking street without 20 cameras on you. I feel bad for these celebrities and British Royals that have their whole life under the public eye because of the paparazzi and “news”.

I understand the allure of the whole Prince and Princess thing, but honestly in today’s world is it really needed? I mean for what it costs to have them in power? I think everyone should be a royal for at least one day, that way at least it’s FAIR.

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