Where’s my AdHap? 2

Some of you might be wondering where the hell the new AdHap comics are. Well, let me take a moment to explain it to you.

AdHap is sort of on a Winter Vacation. Jon is taking a little time off for the Holidays and to catch up. Apparently making the comics in 3-D is harder than he thought and takes a little bit more time. Who would of thought that? Oh yeah, me when I told Jon that he was taking on to large of a project to make it weekly and not have months finished before launch. But you know, what do I know? I’ve only done this for 7 years now with nearly 1,200 comics.

Anyway, AdHap will return in the new year, in all it’s glory!

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2 thoughts on “Where’s my AdHap?

  • beastlet

    I can't help it. I'm an optimist and a perfectionist.. And I like to learn new ways of doing things. And I didn't know I'd be getting a real job. Sheeesh. But yes. AdHap will be returning. In the mean time, there will be other bits of entertainment, and plenty of bloggy fun-ness