where has z2c gone?

Some might have noticed that as of late the z2c storyline seems to have been put on hold. Well good job you ever observant eyes! It has been put on hold because I have not had any time to create a new comic since I lost my job in September and we are now running on bonus filler strips I had made of the summer for just this occasion.

Jon is still hard at work on his storylines for z2c, in fact I have his next strip right here, and damn it looks good! I am waiting until he get’s me two more so he can fill a whole week before I post it.

I am working on some Larry and Friends comics to try and finish out their z2c story line, which at the end will yield some pretty big news for the fans of Larry.

I havn’t forgotten about the Jesus Triplets…and the Celebrity Zombies (and Pauly Shore)…they will have some new stuff soon. ZJ is almost back to them from his long trip and if you paid attention closely in the last ZJ comic, someone reading the blog got turned.

from the looks of it Next Wednesday will be our 400th comic, I wanted it to land on Thanksgiving, but unless I skip an update Thanksgiving will be comic 401.

That’s all the news I have for you for now, but there are some big developments in the works!

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