Where are my cartoons?

The title of this post is completely unrelated.

This post is not about cartoons, but rather about comics. Which are essentially the same thing, only not.

They remind me of the fact that when I was a kid, I wanted to be a comic book artist.

One day, I draw Batman and Superman and Wolverine! I never wanted to draw Spider-Man, too many lines and too much work to draw his webs. I also used to HATE it when people said that comic artist drew cartoons. In my mind Cartoons where kids shows on T.V. but comics were special. I would defend my fellow (yes, I considered myself a great comics artist in training) comic artists tooth and nail when anyone said they where just cartoonist.

me: “Jim Lee is NOT a cartoonist! He draw’s way better then the Garfield guy! Cartoonist art is all crappy and disfigured!”
them: “No you’re crappy and disfigured!”
me:  “Hey, that’s not my fault I was born this way!”

I contemplated making that last line “Hey, it’s not my fault my dad’s a drunk” but decided that would be too harsh.

I’ve since come to terms with the term, and realized I will never be a famous comic book artist. Not because I don’t have the skillz to draw in the comic book style. It’s more because I am WAY too effin’ lazy to draw in that style for 22 pages a month constantly. This is why I got into web-comics!

You may have noticed that my web-comics have been offline for some time, since April. You might remember that I took them down due to them getting hit with malware and kept them down to re-build and re-brand. What you might NOT have realized is that they are back! In their new format!

y2cl.net is back and better than ever! We currently have 5 different web-comics running that post every weekday on a schedule. What is this magical schedule? It’s this:


So check them out, spread the word! The comics are back and we are launching more soon!

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