Walk The Line – I saw it with me mommy.

”What’s up” asked the man. After only a moment he said “Hard cocks and airplanes, and I’m not going down on either”

Walk the Line

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So at 12:30pm on Saturday, my mother and I went and saw WALK THE LINE. Seriously one of the best movies I have ever seen. Jaqqueen(SP?) Phoenix captured Johnny Cash so fucking well its unreal. The voice, the mannerisms, everything about cash he was. In this movie it’s hard to think of him as anything besides Johnny Cash. Reese Witherspoon did an excellent job of capture June Carter, and her voice as well, though she was a little of a different sound then the real June Cart Cash, but was still very good. Robert Patrick also did an amazing job, as always, in playing Ray Cash, Johnny’s father. You have no idea how giddy I was while watching this movie, it just made me happy. There’s a scene in the beginning about Johnny’s older brother that nearly brought tears to my eyes. Call me a fag, I don’t care it was touching and hard to watch. I think on Monday I am going to go out and buy Cash by Johnny Cash and read it, since I have been planning on it since I first watched High Fidelity with John Cusack when his character says in the movie ”I’m sorry but I still think the Cash by Cash is the best book ever written.” This movie just reinforced my need and want to read it. Actually, I shouldn’t buy it for myself I should put it on my Christmas list for someone to get for me, since I have a habbit of buying everything I want right before Christmas. *hint hint*


The point is you should go see it. Fuck seeing Harry Potter go see WALK THE LINE first THEN see it.

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