Two comics you should be reading but probably are not. 3

Why should you be reading Taka Comics? Three words. Hot. Lesbian. Sex. Take a moment and breath that in. And if that wasn’t enough, it’s a collection of short comic stories put into a nice archive for your reading pleasure. What got me into reading the comics at Taka Comics was the artwork. While it’s not the greatest I’ve ever seen, it pulls me in. The color usage on the Love/Toy series is very pleasing to the eye.

I’ve talked with the creator of Taka Comics, Trevor, and he’s a great guy. Friendly, funny and humble about his comic. If you have a minute or an hour head over to Taka Comics and give it a read, you will NOT be sorry.


Why should you be reading Drunken Fools? It’s about drunk people and the creator is FRENCH. Not that I will hold that against him, but you know how I feel about French people. That’s right, they are effin’ sexy and Antoine is no shy one on that. Though he is from Qubec and NOT France…

Also, you should read it because of the yellow eyes, the number one characteristic of a habitual drinker. Another great reason? This right here. Antoine used the word “picapacapoopoo” in one of his comics, and I hear he might use it again! That is a word that Jeff and I coined in 1994!

Oh yeah, and the comic is funny as well.

So there you go, two great comics that I am reading and you are not. Head over there, give them a read and let them know who sent you. Leave them a comment saying the y2cl guy sent you there and I’ll draw you a puppy.

Until net time, peace out my lovers.

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