tonight 8

so tonight i was supposed to hang out with Garret and go over ideas for his and my new comic idea based on his story. but ashley came over and said fuck you garret. him and i are hanging out tomorrow to go over it, and im not telling him to fuck off tomorrow. cause tomorrow is a garret and j date nigth full of wild drinking and binge sex. either that or 2 guys sitting at sherries with papers and pens talking about ideas and me sketching.

so tonight ashley came over as i said above, and we hung out. it was great. i showed her the drawing i did of her (click hereto see it and she really liked it, so i was happy with that.

then she decided to clean my place. i was allready doing this when she came over, she jsut decided to help
this was a-ok with me, free help. she cleaned some tables, vacumed, made my bed, and dusted some. it was great. and she might do it again to make the palce even cleaner. ex girlfriends who help you clean rock.

then we went to bremerton lanes and we where going to go bowling, but she didnt have any socks on, so we played air hockey. i won 4 out of 5. she was pretty good though, only the first game did i slaughter her 7 to 1, the otehrs where all 6-7.

after that we played this game called Demolish Fist, its like a streets of rage semi 3-d type side scroller fighter. really neat. we made it to the second level, go us.

then we came home, watched Van Wilder(great movie) and on tuesday we are going to go see the White Castle movie.

i know NONE of this ANYONE cares about. but i felt like making a post about it all. now i am going to pass out and ruin the bed that she made, so she can make it again when she comes over next. HAH i have aplan!
ps HI TRISTA!!!!!!!(i miss you)

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8 thoughts on “tonight

  • pennyispoison

    *hugs* your life sounds a lot like my boyfriends. He feels bad because he could not prevent his step dad from molesting his sister while he was living on his own and minding his own buisness. He beat himself up over it. You just gotta know you cannot change what is happening, it is out of your hands. It sucks that you have to think that way just to stop from going crazy, but, it happens.
    I'm sorry you do not have money to pay off the bills and it's making me think of changing my Major from Health Care to something else. I'm sorry I'm not much help but I thought I'd let you know people are int he same boat as you.

  • oneonthefence

    Oh, darling… *big hugs* I'm sorry that you and your family are having to deal with these things. I can imagine that it burdens your life incredibly. It's always amazing to me how love and family commitment can be such a burden.
    You can't beat yourself up over it, though, love. I know you want to fix these things, and make life more bearable for the ones you love (and for yourself as well, understandably) but some things can't be easily fixed. I'd like to say "trust in fate" but that sounds TOO cliche, and meaningless when those you care for are suffering – and when you are suffering as well. But please hang in there – things are bound to change, and won't be this miserable forever. You (and your sister and her boyfriend and your father and so on) didn't do anything to deserve these horrors, and I truly believe that, one day, things will settle down.
    Sometimes, as you said, it's hard to see the good things you have over the bad things. But it's okay to feel upset about the pains and losses in your life, though, especially when they are strong and severe like what you are dealing with right now. Be grateful for the good, mourn the bad, and understand the balance between the two. Again, these bad things won't last forever, and in time, will pass. It's smart to do things like play video games and take your mind off of the situation. Small things do make a difference (and it's been proven that video games are good for distraction, because the neural impulses in your brain focus on the rapid movements on the TV screen and NOT on other things, like your traumas in life).
    *big big hugs* Please feel free to talk to me at ANY time. I'm here for you. And if ever you want to drop me an email or call, if for nothing else than to have someone listen and offer a sympathetic voice, I'm here for you for that as well:)