Tomorrows update…

I have terrible news in regards to y2cl…Today I was at my aunts house with the family and we could not get home due to heavy snow. We managed to get to my parents house and are spending the night here. What does this mean for y2cl? Well I ‘have’ tomorrows y2cl finished, I just do not HAVE it upload and I have no way to access it from here. I did not bring my laptop with me because it WASN’T SUPPOSED TO FUCKIN’ SNOW TODAY! But it did, and now for the first time since my re-launch in 2007 I will have a late update. The update WILL be tomorrow, just not until tomorrow evening.

So this is an apology that The y2cl comics for Monday, January 6th will be late. It will be up whenever I manage to get home and get it in the queue.

This is what I get for slacking on putting it in the queue.

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