Today. 11

So I had a light day today.

Got up around 10:30 am or so, had breakfast, took my vitamens, went for a mile walk.

Went under the house for an hour to finish fixing the dryer vent. I was also under there last night for about two hours doing this. And this makes the fourth time in two weeks ive been under there. Now I am a 6’1″ 250lb man, this is such the job for me. Tight, crampt spaces where only a midget would be able to move.

After that I worked with Mike on adding new floor joices(sp?) to the laundry room so we could replace the old rotting floor.

Got that all done, layed the new floor.

Then I went with Jeff to the Gym to work out. Played Raquett ball, lifted weights, swam then went in the steam room. All in all a good 2 hour work out.

Jeff and I decided we wanted to reward ourselves with a movie after our workout, so we caught the 10pm showing of Wedding Crashers(very funny/good movie by the by)

I came home expecting to sleep and found out now was the time to PAINT the laundry room. Did that, then we had to LAY THE NEW TIAL down.

Oh what fun today was. So much fun that my back now feels like it will fall off at any given moment.

My army for a massage.

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