Today is Kodi’s 9th birthday, here are some thoughts

So today is October 29th and my little man Kodi-Bear is NINE years old today! I’m so proud of him! He is an amazing boy and is growing up so quickly. I remember when I first met him he was this little three year old boy that was a little tough to handle, liked to argue but had a lot of love to give. Now, 6 years later this boy has grown into be an amazing athlete, a smart tech wiz and is learning to become a math expert.

This birthday was an interesting one. As you know Kaylie and I just got back from Hawaii and in true TH3 fashion we didn’t plan ANYTHING prior to leaving and got back yesterday morning. Up until last night we had no idea what the hell we were going to get him. Kaylie’s mom got him the Skylanders game for the Xbox (which is pretty badass) and we had to somehow top that. Kodi asked for an iPod touch, even though he has an iPod nano already. He wants to be like his big cousin JT who has one so he can do whatever the cool young kids are doing this day and age.

We decided we were NOT going to get him an iPod touch because we decided that it’s too much money and he already has so many cool toys. What we did decide was that we wanted to get him something that he would think was AWESOME and trick him because it’s also educational. What magical thing could this be?

We bought him a 10″ Android Tablet!

He thinks this is the best present ever, and honestly it is pretty rad. I mean, how many 9 year olds have their very own tablet? What he doesn’t know is we are going to load it with educational games and books so he is learning while using it. Oh sweet trickery. What I don’t know is he has already figured out how to search google and use you tube. This should be fun!

I have more thoughts about today, but for certain reasons I cannot talk about them here, I wish I could.

Love and peace.

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