Thoughts of the day… 3

I recently started a new job working for a tax rate software company as a software support technician. So far the job is pretty awesome the company is great, the people who work here are friendly and we get free beer on Friday (you can donate to the ‘fund). It’s almost worth it just for the Beer Fridays.

That being said this job is painstakingly difficult. Learning how to interpret tax rates and how they incorporate into 16 different programs and being able to support those 16 programs is a pretty big learning curve. So much more to learn then my last job at Sprint.

At Sprint they train you for 7 weeks then you go to the phone. 7 weeks of training that could be accomplished in a week. My new job (which I won’t give the name of, for personal reasons) offered me a few days of reading and watching a co-worker then onto the phones with my co-worker (who is pretty awesome and good at explaining shit) answering questions and going over information with me.

That being said, I think all is going well. I’m able to help the customers and I feel much better working here then working for the devil…I mean Sprint.

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