so, i started penciling the first page to Perry from Nerf Herder‘s request of ‘Sorry’, and i gotta say, the pencils are looking really really good. i may or may not post samples of them here.

in other things, someone said something to me today that made me think….someone who’s opinion i really respect. they said

“nah! look at it this way… just embrace all the good that you had at all…be happy you shared yourself with someone even for a fleeting moment….learn what you need to from the expierience and move on… fuck it your an amazing artist and a sweetheart to boot.. you’ll have many women in your life im sure that will show you happiness and be your muse”

there is so much in there that i like. i really thought hard about this today. she’s right, i need to just embrace the good, and take what i learned from it with me and move on. i dont know if i am capable of doing that, but that is certainly what i am going to try and do. and i like that she called me an amazing artist, made me smile, cause everything she does is so incredible, and to have someone who is incredible at what they do compliment you on what you do, well it feels good.

my only other repsonce to this is that i dont want many women. i only want one. one is all i need.

im stopping here

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