The Road to 1000 in 2016 UPDATE! 1

As you remember from THIS POST RIGHT HERE, I’m trying to post ONE THOUSAND comics on this year.

I figured I would give you a little update on where I am with everything, with some breakdowns because I love numbers!

So here are some numbers.

As of this posting I have posted 1,654 comics.

I have 438 completed for 2016 already.

I have 286 scheduled to be made.

I need to plan out 277 more comics to hit 1,000 this year. This number does NOT include #y2cldaily on Instagram.

To give a little perspective in 2009 (my most productive year) I was able to post 443 comics. It’s not even the end of January yet and I almost have that many completed for the year.

If I manage to hit the 1,000 goal early on, I will probably up the goal to see what I can do. I mean, how cool would it be to cross the 2,000 AND 3,000 comic barrier in one year? I wonder if there as any other web-comic creator as nuts as I am? Is this even a good idea? Probably not, but it’s fun!


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