The FUTURE of y2cl!

What an ominous title. Phil from webcomicplanet is (sometime in the future) going to help me set up y2cl and all it’s counterparts in a fun an exciting new way! Giving all the sub comics their own little sub-domain and structure.

When this happens expect a slight re-design of the site. I will be adding a splash page with links to the laters comic for each sub comic, the latest y2cl radio, the latest y2cl tv and so on and so forth. Basically the landing page will be different but the back end will be the same.

What’s really nice about the way, from what I understand, this new set up will work is that you will be able to see the FAM, Inanimates and what notes on their own little sub site, complete with a ‘theme’ that fits it.

I have a feeling to get this to function how I want it to will be more work then I am foreseeing right now, BUT it should be worth it.

Also, I’m doing a guest comic week/weeks soon. So comment of email me if you would like to do one. More soon.

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