The Barbara Loan 2

So I just loaned Barbara $2.00 to buy food with, but I made her sign a contract saying she would pay me back with $1.00 a day interest, god I love being me. She probably won’t be able to pay me back until Friday which means she will owe me $6.00 and that fucking owns. Hopefully she forgets tomorrow. Not like I will miss that $2.00 anyway, since it’s half of what I made in tips tonight. I am up to $176 in dollar coins in my buy a new laptop or possibly use to buy food once I move out fund, go me!
Speaking of tips, there’s a chance that I might work with Dylan at Seabeck Pizza after someone quits. That would be cool, working with Dylan and getting tips. We could spend all shift talking about Batman and stuff, how awesome would that be?

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