TGT Webcomics has a VIDcast now! 1

Check out the video embedded above, it’s the very first TGT Webcomics VIDcast! Pay close attention, at around 6:49 Kurt talks about my submission to the Webcomics: What’s Cooking? project he is currently developing, and has some very nice things to say about my The Chicken Bacon Sandwich of AWESOME!

As a bonus, there is a super special y2cl posted on that page that currently can not be seen anywhere else! Eventually it will become part of the y2cl archive, but for now it is a TGT Webcomics: Whats Cooking? EXCLUSIVE! So head on over there, read the special comic, check out my recipe for an amazing sandwich and maybe check out the Homeade Hot Chocolate by web comic rabid fan purple_phoenix. I wonder if purple_pheonix reads y2cl?

I also want to point out really quick that the FAQ is up with questions and answers in it (finally) so pop on over there and check it out. Feel free to submit a question as well.

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