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So have you heard? There’s this website called TGT Web-Comics where two guys talk about web-comics. What they do is bring on creators from web-comics around the net, interview them and help spread the joy of their comics and comics everywhere to the world.

I had the pleasure of being a guest on episode 36 back in March and it was a great time. Unfortunately that episode was recorded late due to my own children being sick so it was not as long as it probably would have been had it not been very late where Kurt was. The whole process was a ton of fun. They asked me very intriguing questions and even got a few exclusive spoilers out of me about where y2cl is headed. (if you want to know what spoilers I gave out, you’ll have to head over there and take a listen.)

The other day over at TGT Web-Comics there was a Tri-Fecta interview with George from Dungeon Legacy, Samantha from Life’s a Witch and Ryan from Channel Ate (which is increasingly become one of my favorite comics out there). During the interview Kurt had a fire alarm go off and had to exit the interview (might funny if you ask me) but luckily Robert P Shelly from Pawz to Clawz and Samantha from Life’s A Witch where there to take over and continue the round table discussion.

Interestingly enough I did get into this podcast until an hour and half into it, But Samantha from Life’s a Witch was kind enough to announce my arrival and talk a little about what I’ve been doing. Thanks Sam! Want to hear it? Check out an 1 hour and 42 minutes into the podcast.

You should definitely head over there on their live update days and partake in the chat while one of the TGT podcasts are taking place. The chat room is always poppin’ (like my to-cool-for-school talk there?) with creators and fan’s asking questions, talking crap and having a good time all around.

Don’t just take my word for it, ask anyone of the growing number of comic creators who have been on TGT and have listened in on how great it is.

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One thought on “TGT Web-Comics in the hizzie!

  • thirtyseven

    Being one of the other comic creators who have been on TGT just a few days ago I can only agree upon everything what was stated here!
    The two guys of TGT are doing a great job there you should definitely check out this podcast!
    Best regards from Germany!