I would just like to say a big FUCK YOU to Microsoft (for Vista) and Symantic (for Norton). I have now spent TWO FUCKING days trying to remove Symantic Anti-Virus 10.2 from a laptop here at work. And no, it’s not because I’m slow. It’s because the dickless FUCKs at […]

10/10/2007 – Fuck Norton, in his gay little ass.

We have all hear of Wikipedia right? Well check out this link exposing who edits certain Wikipedia pages Some of my favorite ones are: Microsoft tried to cover up the XBOX 360 failure rate Apple edit Microsoft entries, adding more negative comments about its rival The Vatican edits Irish Catholic […]

8/24/07 – I’m Tired. Sleep now in the Fired.

So as you may know I work for answering customer emails and phone calls. One thing that I find absolutely hilarious is when customers complain about some bullshit and then threaten to inform the Better Business Bureau. They seem to think that I give a shit about them reporting […]

6/19/07-You stuck it where?

well, i went to eb today to return my xbox live, hub and ghost recon. why you ask? cause xbox live DOES NOT WORK WITHA SATALITE CONNECTION! isnt that bullshit? fucking cocks. but, i got a lot of goodies for my in store credit. i got the ring(dvd) BMX XXX(xbox) […]

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