Here’s to hoping this isn’t super long winded…I’m just hoping. Today I watched Meet the Spartans and Superhero Movie. Both of which are extremely stupid but I did like both movies, they made me laugh. I have discovered that I like stupid ass parody films a whole lot more then […]

Thoughts of the day

There are these guys bowling on 13 and 14 right now, fucking belligerent drunk bastards. Right now they are making some ridiculous toast to something I don’t understand and chugging a beer. It’s not really annoying or anything, just sort of funny. One of them has a blonde mop for […]

Fatness and bowling

These last few nights I have been watching Nick at Nite here at work, more specifically I have been watching The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, The Cosby Show and Who’s The Boss. I must say, The Fresh Prince is a very white show, as is The Cosby Show. I think […]

Nick at Nite and a preview of Wires