Heath Ledger

I find it interesting that when X-Men: First Class came out it was getting praised for bringing in $54 million on it’s opening weekend, comparing it to the $54 million the original X-Men brought in on it’s opening weekend back in 2000, and how Green Lantern is getting completely the […]

Green Lantern – An awesome movie, despite what the critics ...

My LiveJournal Sitcom Being avgs (PAX, 11:00): avgs (Heath Ledger) and deco_delight (Jared Leto) perform slapstick at a forest. Then, anime (Marilyn Monroe) plays chess against yourexlovemissy (Orlando Bloom), who doesn’t know how. The week after, lostsomething (Patricia Richardson) falls off spidercrack (Dennis Hopper)’s porch and gets hurt. Meanwhile, man_of_the_hour […]

yes this rocks