So as you may know I work for answering customer emails and phone calls. One thing that I find absolutely hilarious is when customers complain about some bullshit and then threaten to inform the Better Business Bureau. They seem to think that I give a shit about them reporting […]

6/19/07-You stuck it where?

So now to you wondering eyes appears the third and final installment of the not yet epic, but still somewhat interesting tale of our trip to the east coast. Today’s story takes us from Providence, Rhode Island all the way to the magical land of Staten Island, New York. Let […]

Dec 4th. Close to the one you want to read…

So right now I am sitting at my parent’s house using their computer because Kaylie’s brother Kyle was over the other night and used our computer. Upon waking up in the morning I go to use my said computer and it has three lovely new viruses on it for me. […]

Dec 3rd: Still Not the one you want to read…but ...

so the response to my last post was…more then could be expected. Some people where guessing at what I had in store to tell and some just completely ignored the post and sent me a message talking about whatever they felt like talking about. I’ll tell you this…one person who […]

Nov 22: Not the one you want to read.