A month or so ago this high school kid came to my front door trying to sell tickets to a play he was in. I have this general rule when it comes to kids coming to my Cover of White Christmas door for fundraisers for groups and especially for the schools; I […]

The North Kitsap high School Musical “White Christmas”

No I’m not talking about falling in love. Or writing a book (though I do have a near complete novel I started writing about 8 years ago, but I digress (before I out parenthesis I would like to say that people that say I digress should digress themselves in to […]

What takes 9 years for me to do that most ...

so yeah, I’m going to post my essays for english 102. if you want, read through it and let me know how it is.   Standardized Testing: Paige Vs Weaver (the gloves are off) By J Horsley III I remember sitting at my parent’s house talking with my father over […]

jan 17th: essay 1 – Standardized Testing: Paige Vs Weaver ...