(1:54:41 PM) creepytony329482: sup (1:54:46 PM) creepytony329482: whats going on (1:59:05 PM) xjhorsley3x: not muich (1:59:07 PM) xjhorsley3x: who is this? (1:59:28 PM) creepytony329482: my name is rshxd (2:01:40 PM) xjhorsley3x: rshxd? (2:01:42 PM) xjhorsley3x: interesting name (2:03:20 PM) xjhorsley3x: youve been sending me some very interesting IMs (2:05:50 PM) […]

The rest of creepytony…

  Chuck Norris just says “no” to drugs. If he said “yes”, it would collapse Colombia’s infrastructure. [15:11] Garmichael1: finally! i met a man with kindness in his eyes, and a fire in his heart.. he said ‘youll never have to choose a side. Its rewarding, but oh! the road […]

10/2/07 – SM and garmypants=

xjhorsley3x: sometimes i feel like i am covered in bugs xjhorsley3x: and its annoying garret_from_29: what garret_from_29: really? xjhorsley3x: yeah xjhorsley3x: well not covered xjhorsley3x: but i feel like bugs are crawling on me garret_from_29: haha garret_from_29: dude xjhorsley3x: but, i mean, they really could, i could just be a […]