Suicide Squad – A failure or success?

So Suicide Squad. It’s been out for roughly 3 weeks so far, and judging by the critics and a ton of youtubers it’s a complete failure and no one likes it.

It has a 26% on Rotten Tomatoes, but has 68% audience score.

But Really? Is it that bad? If it’s so bad, why are people going to see it?

3 weeks in and Suicide Squad is up to $636 million worldwide. That’s $212 million dollars a week. That’s a lot of people who disagree that it’s a terrible film.

$283 million of that 3 week total is domestically. To put this into perspective, Guardians of the Galaxy, at 3 weeks had brought in $234 million.

Just for fun, let’s compare some movies for their 3 week total.

  • Civil War: $357
  • Batman v Superman: $302
  • Deadpool: $294
  • Suicide Squad: $283
  • Guardians of the Galaxy: $234
  • Amazing Spider-Man 2: $177
  • X-Men Apocalypse: $140
  • Ant-Man: $139

I have this theory about Comic Book movies. The fans that DISLIKE a movie are extremely more vocal about their dislike than the fans that like the same movie. Clearly people liked BvS and Suicide Squad. This list is compact and I choose a few movies I could think of that people liked and disliked to show the numbers. I don’t remember seeing this much hate for Ant-Man, a movie that at this point had made HALF of what Suicide Squad is currently at. No matter what you say, the true test of a movie is made by people “voting’ for it with their money. If people are paying for it, then people are saying “yes, I like this”.

Part of this theory I have goes into WHY the hate for a movie goes SO much and build SO much. Once people get it in their heads that a movie is going to be bad, it will be bad. And they will tell everyone it’s bad and generally make them feel bad if they don’t also think it’s bad. People in groups of friends generally “share” an open opinion that matches their friends. People also want to jump on a bandwagon. “Suicide Squad sucks! Let’s all post about it!” Now I know that conversation doesn’t happen, and those exact thoughts don’t happen, but the underlying problem is there.

This is why I generally hate movie reviews and movie critics. They judge movies completely different than the average movie goer. You ever wonder why half the films on the “top 100” or nominated for an Oscar are films you never heard of? Cause critics watch movies differently than you and I, assuming you are not a critic. The movies that make the most money are often not “critical successes” and “Oscar winners”

Ultimately people have the right to bash a movie if they want to, but I don’t think it’s helpful at all. It skews peoples preconceived notions about a movie going into it. If everyone is telling you a movie sucks, then you end up seeing it, you will go in thinking it sucks and look for anything you can pick apart. If you go into a movie without this you can easily allow yourself to just enjoy what you see and have fun with it. I personally had this happen to me with BvS. I was so excited to see it that I ended up reading and watching YouTube reviews about it that when I went in I just hated it. I saw every little flaw and didn’t allow myself to just shut up and enjoy the movie. My daughter put it best when I was complaining the next day “Dad, it’s ok if other people don’t like it. You can like it if you want to” I went and saw it again, and it was a lot better. I wasn’t focused on only the bad things. I let myself enjoy it.

I’m not sure what the point here is besides it’s ok to have a fun movie with a shitty plot. People can like it. There are a lot of movies people love that I don’t like, but I’m not going to write in depth articles picking every little thing apart. Cause I could nitpick the hell out of Civil War and explain how it and BvS are basically the same movie.


Until next time.


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