Status of affairs… 3

A BIG Thanks to Phil from for guiding me through making the y2cl website look and feel more professional. If you haven’t yet checked out the awesome and all it’s great features (like the new quickfrumph) then take some time and get your ass over there.

Also, check out his new project Women of Web-Comics. Don’t worry, I’m sending over some pretty awesome pin-ups of the y2cl Ninjas, K-Bot and SMT soon.

There’s still a lot to do around here on this little website, but at least now it LOOKS flippin’ sweet.

I suppose I should make my announcement, buried here in the end of a blog post…


When will this happen? I am hoping that on March first I will be able to make y2cl a full fledged weekday comic with some special weekend updates when I can. I’m also hoping that the 5 times a week will coincide with the start of ‘y3cl’ and strip 500. As of right now we have 67 comics until #500. This might be a bit of a stretch but I’m going to try! The 5 times a week might start before the suggested March date so stay tuned for updates!

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