spilled sex 6

last night was the first night i actualy got a little sleep without waking up in the nile river of sweat. before, i would stay up for hours on end for a few reasons. a) i wasnt tired and b) i was having way to much fun trying to create a pool right in front of my computer, a pool filled with nice, lovely sweat.

you see, i am not a fan of heat. not one fucking bit. so when heat comes, i hide in my cave. the only problem with this is that my cave likes to heat up.

but it doesnt do this during the day, oh no. my room likes to be somewhat cool during the day. its only at night, when its cool and nice outside that my room likes to turn into a Nazi oven.

because of this, i strip off my clothes, and endurer the flames of the oven like a man. around 3am to 4am it becomes just about tollerable to sleep, and knowing that i always have afun filled day ofwork the next day, i lay down for a few hours.

every morning i would wake up in pool of sweat. not waking up because it was time to be up, but because i had sweated myself awake. this, is only entertaining for a little bit, but having to change your sheets every day, or at least say you do so people dont thin y ou are just sleeping in your own stank again and again, night after night, when you really do.

last night i had a revelation. what if i put a fan right next to my bed, maybe that would cool down the blaze.

low and behold…it did, and this morning, no pool of sweat for me to try and swim out of, since i cant swim to begin with.

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