something to say after all 5

i want to move to canada, or some other random foreign country. i dont care witch, nor do i care if they hate americans there, i can always pretend im british or russian, i got those accents down pretty good. why do i want to do this? simply cause it would amuse me. i dont want to stay there forever, jsut for a month or so until i needed a bath, or water.

on second thought, ill just watch CNN and the history channel, those should suffice my desires to live outside this country. cause other countrys are fucked up. in germany you can pee on the side walk, and in rome people bath in the fountains. in japan people are paid to shove your fat is, along with everyone else, into the subways, in france they talk funny, in england they eat spotted dick and drink tea all the time, not to mention bad dental heigine. in egypt you can get a little boy, or girl to do whatever you want for 250 peistries(aboput $.50). and it smells their.

now in retrospect america has its own faults as well. and i would honestly like to witiness all of the said things above, as well as witness a bukkake festival, and maybe even participate in the fun.

good night, and happy humpings.

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