Some thing’s of interest.

I’ve been meaning to post this for awhile but I got a push to finish it today by Tony Piro form Calamities of Nature.

So here it is, some news, some cool sites and more!

First up: The WCRCA’s over at

Y2CL has been nominated for two awards: AUTHOR CONGENIALITY (for Jon and I apparently being awesome with readers) and ANTAGONIST (for Larry the Coked out Bunny, who is either love/hate)

This is awesome and I want to thank whoever it was that nominated us for the awards, I appriciate it and I know Jon does as well.

These awards ’seem’ to be more based on what readers have to say about the comics, which makes being nominated feel even greater. Even if we don’t win it is still awesome to be nominated. Check out the site, check out all the great comics listed and leave some comments so the creators know you care!

Next up is the Guest Strip Project:

I was turned onto this site by Tony Piro form Calamities of Nature. He did a strip for the project and linked to it, thus making me interested in doing on. I have sent them off an email with a request to do a page for them. What would a page from me look like? Who knows but if you check out the guest pages I’ve done in the past it will at least be interesting!

A little info about the Guest Strip Project:

The Guest Strip Project raising money for the Make-A-Wish International Foundation. Last year we raised money doing the Kid’s Book Project which was only available to see if you purchased the book, this time round we’re giving you the strips to read and asking you to help by donating using the banner at the side, clicking on the links there or even more purchasing from the store and raising as much funds as possible!

I also want to make notice of The Floating Lightbulb which is a we-comic news site run by Bengo (one of the guys behind Lil N’yet and Scratching Post) Bengo does an amazing job of posting relavent information about the world of web-comics. Take a look, he posts searching trends, link sites and pretty much everything else you would want to know about web-comics for the creator.

I think that’s all for now. I think I will force Jon to write an update. The dick.

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