Slightly Off Topic – a review in the key of ‘why didn’t I think of that name?’ 1

Slightly Off Topic

Where there are topics, there are topics that are slightly off. This is not one of them it the topic is awesome. I’m writing this little review as I am reading through the comic, so that will make my reactions more organic and real as opposed to looking back and trying to remember what I liked, I can just tell you. Let’s start this out with a bang. THIS is my favorite comic that Slightly Off-Topic has done.

I should tell you that I read nearly all of the archive and have been sitting on this post for about…a month. Why? Well I wasn’t sure where to take it, I forgot, I wanted it to be perfect, and I forgot. Not that Slightly Off Topic is forgetable, far from it, but because I got busy and didn’t want to rush it. I wanted it to be a well thought out and meaningful review. This is my attempt at that.

I went into this review by simply thinking I would skim the archive, pick out a few of my favorites then write up some thoughts on it. As I read through the comic though I fell in love with it’s charm. The artwork is not the greatest, but it has improved over the years. I also found out that the creator David Adams has his daughter draw the comic as a way to motivate her for school. This my friends is an AWESOME idea! If my kids where older I would completely steal this idea…in fact watch out David, I will probably steal this idea when my kids get older. At least you have been warned.

A lot of the comics are on the social commentary side and tend to vier away from any sort of storyline (for the most part), and it is also the only comic I have found out there that celebrates peoples birthdays with a comic like I do so right there it gets +50 to the awesome-o-meter. Besides being number buffers to your bottom line I see them as a nice way to give shout outs to people you love and possibly want to buy you something nice for YOUR birthday.

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