Comic Con, Ashley and more 4

well well well. comic con was really fun. i will be making a strip out of some of the pictures i took down there. some fun ass slapping ones, cancerus sun burns, and the mange.

no strip today, ive been so fucking tired (and hanging out with ashley) to do a strip. i will have a new one soon, i PROMISE!!! and it WILL be funny! or your money back!

on a good note, Ashley has gotten me to start work on Memoirs of a Suicide again, and i am happy to say that up to chapters 18 are done, and chapters 19 and 20 i have in my head, just need to get them down on paper. she told me i should dedicate the book to her, i told her i would if she could get me to finish it. that goes for anyone, if you get me to finish this novel, i will dedicate it to you.

so yeah, hung out with Ashley last night, and the night before. that was good fun. in case you dont know who ashley is, just look at my last few posts, the drawing i am working on is her.

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ok, glad thats out of my system.

i had a bunch of links for you, but fuck it, im to lazy.

i have some reviews for you, but fuck it as well, you can have them later. i am still really fucking tired from the con, and having to come home and work, with no rest time. and no, a 25 hour drive in a van is NOT resting. although i did write 2,000 words of Memoirs in the back seat of said van

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