sept 9th: you call this loyalty? 1

As my previous trailer of a post stated I have an overwhelming amount of tid bits to go over, and I only have an hour to type them all up. Also I think the spell check in my Word 2007 BETA is deciding that it no longer wishes to work for me, it has not put in two weeks notice, and I am left with out the ability to replace it with another spell check since they are all out to lunch. So if you will please bear with me, I will do the best I can with my pea sized brain.

Now I know the people enjoy reading my bogs, I know this by the down pour of emails and comments I have gotten from people for my week and a half absence from posting. What I never did suspect is that one of my blogs would be used as evidence in a court hearing. That’s right folks, one of my recent blogs that may or may not have something to do with the mystery girl is being used in the mystery girls custody trial with her whore of an ex-boyfriend. You may remember the post, it was called “freak animal attacks” in which I posted a photo of my neck that was bruised up all nice like. Mr. I-Look-Like-Dopey claims that the photo was of a sexual nature of mystery girl and I. Not sure how a photo nature is of an inapropriate nature but I guess in some trwisted alternate reality where your neck becomes a private area and showing it in public is punishable by death of spoons…like in the middle east.
Prior to my blogs becoming infamous in the Kitsap County courts, Mr. I-Make-The-Worst-Decisions-Known-to-Man called CPS saying that my mystery girl was an unfit mother, that she was drinking all the time, leaving the kids at home alone and that her 24 year old boyfriend was buying her alcohol. It was lovely when the CPS lady showed up and basically said she knew that it was a bullshit call.
The next morning Mr. Lets-Make-Things-Worse calls at 7:45am, to which we, like any decent person, where sound asleep and did not answer the phone. Apparently this was not kosher with him and he made the impromptu call to the police claiming that my mystery woman was violting his parental rights and not letting him see the wee one.

Sorry to break stirde here folks, but I need to vent. And this is where I do my best venting, in free form fast typing for you all to read. As most of you know Barbara is my roomate. Well, the roomate that lives in the apartment I am moving out of. Now those of you who know her know that she has a big fucking mouth and tells EVERYONE EVERYTHING even if you tell her not to tell anyone. Barbara and I have this mutual friend Rachel (who is fucking cool) and slowly I have been finding out that Barbara has been telling Rachel EVERYTHING about my personal sex life. Aparently I’m a great topic for conversation. Recently I told Barbara something very personal and specifically told her NOT to tell ANYONE. So who does she go run and tell? You guessed it! And what does she say when I call and confront her? The same shit she always says wheni confront her about ANYTHING “oh I didn’t do that, it wasn’t me” Who the fuck else could it have been? The god damned fucking easter bunny? Bah, mother fucker. I’ll write more later, I’m going to go get agression out and have wild sex with the mystery girl. Until next time!

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