Seattle Aquarium on a school trip with the Kodester

Sadness ensued today for my daughter Saidey. You see, Kodi is going on a field trip today to the Seattle Aquarium and she really wanted to go along for the ride. I really wanted to take her. The school however, had different ideas and do not allow younger siblings on field trips. Sadness indeed. She had a real hard time with me leaving this morning to go with Kodi and her not able to go along. I will have to make it up to her somehow.

Now Kodi on the other hand is super excited and happy I am going with him. I’ll be honest, I’m not excited about this trip, at least not like I was for the field trip I went with him to the Seattle Children’s Museum to see The Borrowers, I love me some plays. This one however doesn’t excite me at all. I’ll enjoy myself with Kodi and I’m sure we will have fun, but personally I’ve seen it all many times before, so my only enjoyment is in how Kodi takes it all in.

Not to change direction but I started writing this on the bus to the ferry and now it’s 9:50am and I have not had breakfast yet. Bear in mind I usually tend to get up at 4;30am and have breakfast at 5:00am, and lunch by 11:00am. Today by the time I eat it will be my normal lunch time. Oh, and I haven’t had any coffee. Coffee is my life blood, I drink it every day. I will have to get some soon or the kids I’m in charge of will have the Red Hulk to deal with as their chaperone.

We finally got to the aquarium and I darted  upstairs to the cafe to grab a sammich, clam chowder and some soda. I inhale the sandwich and start on the clam chowder, which I always use as a dipping sauce for my sammich. You would think with this being the Seattle Aquarium their clam chowder would be pretty good, much in the same way that you would suspect the hot dogs at PETSMART would be tasty. The point there is that the chowder was awful, dreadful, horrible, tasteless and disappointing. So much so that I ended up throwing it a way. I would silently curse it in my head for the rest of the day.

I gave Kodi my phone to take pictures with, which I uploaded and put in the gallery below. Obviously the ones he is in he did not take, but the rest are pretty much all him.

The Aquarium was kinda neat, not like I remembered it. Though I do remember the Shark tank being more awesome than it was. It seemed so underwhelming. The kids got to go to this classroom thingy where they all got to touch and learn about different sea critters like Star Fish, Sea Cucumbers and the like. You know, all the crap you are allowed to touch without getting in trouble.

I really think it would be awesome if by the shark tank had a sign that read “Unruly kids will be fed to the sharks” and at the bottom of the tank have some fake (or real) children’s skeletons and maybe a back pack or two. Then you could tell the kids “See that? Be good or you are lunch!” Probably still wouldn’t work.

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