Part two of a day trip to Seattle: Harry…Harry…Harry Potter!

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Harry Potter Exhibition

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Okay now that you have watched that I feel we can sufficiently move on to the topic of The Harry Potter Exhibition (though I would have rather attended  “Hermoinie Granger: The Exhibitionist given the chance).  If you read my last post you know we started off with Game Works and The Cheesecake Factory then headed over to The Pacific Science Center to attend the 9:45pm showing of the Harry Potter Exhibition, so I can safely skip all that. If you didn’t read it, it would be a good idea to go back and take a read. Not because it will help this post make more sense, but because I want you to read it.

So The Science Center closes well before 9:14pm and we (stupidly (yes stupidly)) thought we could use the main entrance to get in, so we parked in the garage and walked our happy butts over to it only to find it locked. They wanted you to use the outdoor-cold-as-f*ck entrance all the way around the building. Which wouldn’t have been to bad except it was me, the wife, the kid and the new baby (she was bundled in a stroller, don’t worry) and we where running out of time to get there before it opens.

Thankfully, we made it in the nick of time. Like Indiana Jones sliding under the door before it closes we too slide through the annoying stroller gate just barely making it before the ticket Nazi’s shot us up into oblivion.

Then we waited in line. Behind a couple that looked like Fred and Barny from the Flintstones. I believe they where both female, but I’m not certain on that one. We waited for a good 3 minutes before we got in, and it was excruciating. Then we saw the sign that flat out tells us that there are no cell phones or cameras allowed. Really? Why would they do this? Half the fun of going to events is taking silly pictures to laugh at later! And now I will never have those from this event. I understand they want to keep what they have in there a secret so others don’t just look at the pictures online and not go. Which I guess I understand…or at least would understand a little more if they didn’t sell you a Program at the end…with pictures of everything in the exhibit! The only difference is the books pictures do no have my wife and kid in them! That’s what I wanted, those stupid pictures you take with yourself  in front of objects for no reason.

Move on?


Moving on.

When we first walked in it was pretty awesome and made it feel like this would really be an event! There was a guy dressed in Hogwarts garb that spoke in an honest to goodness British accent (he may have indeed been British, and if so kudos to the Science Center for importing a True Brit.) In the first room was a small recreation of the first movie and the sorting hat. The guy gave us some history on the hat and told us about Hogwartz. He then selected three people from the group to come up and be sorted in to their respective houses. First up was a girl about the age of 14 or 15, decked out in HP gear (that’s what the cool kids call it) and giddy as a school girl (which she most likely is) who told the British dude she wanted to be in Gryfendor. Low and behold the hat put her in Gryfendor! Amazing!

Next up was non other than the one I like to call my son to be sorted by the Hat of said sorting. Dressed in his Slytherin Green running jacket the man asks what house he want’s to be in..shockingly he tells him Slytherin! The devious little kid he is would probably fit in well there. The man puts the hat on his head and magically (or by him pressing the hidden Slytherin button on the hat) the sorting hat puts him into Slytherin! he was happy as a clam in sand and all smiles when he hopped down and came back to us. I really wish I could have gotten a picture of this, but no the bitches wouldn’t let me.

After that we where put into a room with 10 vertical TV screens that did this really cool synchronized montage of the first 7 films. Then they opened a wall to where all the stuff from the movies was on display and at this point it turned itself from an awesome exhibit to a boring walk through and look at shit museum. Don’t get me wrong it was cool and I enjoyed seeing all the stuff, but after the intro I was expecting interactive portions and people in costume talking to you about the props. Now, there was an audio thing you buy buy for $5 that explained all the stuff to you but we opted not to do that.

We got through all the stuff, saw some awesome shiznit then exited into the gift shop that had so much stuff in it you could easily dumb a grand if you where not careful. The only thing we ended up buying was a program for $16, everything else was over priced. Even a red t-shirt that said ‘Muggle‘ in white was over $20! To be expected from something like this, but still annoying.

All in all it was an awesome day, we all had fun and learned something along the way. We went home and went to bed, and thus ends my two day stint in Seattle.

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