ooga chucka ooga chucka 30

So Sarah called me tonight and invited me over to Sams for a party. I actually went, it was entertaining.

There was a guy who talked like Snoop Digidy, only he was very white, and very annoying. He did puke this amazingly red puke though, that was fun.

anyway, below is pictures of my new bleached hawk.

Tomorrow I am colouring it red and black, should be fun.

Also, I bought Scrubs season 1 on DVD, watching the special stuff now.

I <3 this show as much as a straight man can.

Also picked up the Lady Death movie and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles season 2 on DVD. God damn I’m cool.

Oh yeah, Dylan was proclaiming that we where such gay lovers at the party, it was great.
~dog faced boy

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