oh god 12

ok, so i was taking garret home, and one the way i put my radio on kube 93.3 just to see if the new Eminem song was on, cause i kinda like it. and this one is on about ‘raising it up for us US us’ and i think i instantly got stupider. i could feel the music draining life out of my brain. and then this commercial came on, and i dont know if it was real or fake. it was called the ‘phantom’ or something, and its this thing that makes your car immune to radar, and they garuntee you wont get a speeding ticket, and if you do they will pay it. honestly, WHAT THE FUCK. seriously, JUST DONT SPEED. dont be so fucking ignorant. its shit liek this that makes me hate society. and whats worse is this fucking station played the commercial TWICE. assholes, i want to blow up this shitty radio station and shove my cock down every (female) employees throat.

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