November 11th, 2005 “I don’t think I’ll sleep much anymore” 17

Around 7:30pm last night (Thursday) my boss calls me and asks if I can come in and work tonight because the other graveyard guy hurt his back. So here I am on my day off at work. I don’t really mind, cause its 8 hours overtime and I can use the money.

Quick side note, Leny Kravshit is on the radio right now and I hate him more then Christ hates the Jews.


So let me tell you about my day yesterday.
I got up at around 3 or 4am, don’t exactly remember. Did some shit in my room then went n the house around 5:30am or so to talk to my mom. Then I decided I wanted to go get some breakfast at Sheri’s. My mom laughed at me then told me that I should have came in earlier cause she wanted to go out to breakfast too but now she couldn’t cause she had to leave for work. HA! I said.

So I go to Sheri’s and order the ultimate cuntry fried steak and eggs breakfast and boy was it scrumptious. My hands where cold in my car so I decided I wanted to go to Wall-mart since they are open 24 hours and buy some gloves. Well, $220 later I walk out of Wall-Mart with no gloves. Instead I walked out with a new Pioneer VSX-D414 home theater Dolby 5.1 sound system, The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy original BBC version, Ghostbuster 1 and 2 box set with bonus Zathura sneak peak DVD and free ticket to see Zathura and the Fiona Apple Extraordinary Machine Dual Disc.

Then I went to the mall and put in an application at Software ETC for a part time job, ordered a Peaches and Cream smoothie from Orange Julius, it was good but it was also 5 fucking dollars, and then sat around for awhile. After that I went to my sisters house and played some City of Villains then bought an IRiver off Ebay for $260. Went home loaded some shit up for Mike, ten took JT to the mall to see Sarah. While there I went to Suncoast and they had a movie I had never heard of, by Kevin Smith called Jay and Silent Bob Do Degrassi The Next Generation I was flabbergasted. Naturally I had to buy it, for $20. Sarah made fun of me but I stand by the fact that my $500 spending yesterday was completely justified. How you ask? I get paid today.


Excuse me while I watch Jay And Silent Bob Do Degrassi The Next Generation


I watched the first episode. It was pretty good. Sadly, I could probably get into this show. I mean, they are Canadian and all.

After I finished watching the first episode I did some drawing. I’m not feeling much like drawing tonight, but I did some anyway because I need something to put with this post, haha.


Around 2am Al came in drunk and wanted to bowl off his drunkenness. I joined him (in bowling, not in being drunk) and bowled like shit, but I had fun. The ball was just taking off cause the lanes where dry. I was putting almost nothing on I and was getting the ball to hook past the head pin. I had to play a deep 4th arrow shot to get the ball to finish into the pocket, and I had to throw the damn thing 20mph to keep it from snapping to hard.

Of course that entire paragraph makes no sense to anyone reading this, but that’s ok. ?


So back to my expensive purchase of yesterday, let me explain my justification of why I bought it.

I’ve been wanting a decent mp3 player for awhile now, and the IRiver plays Divx movies as well, and also can hold files so its basically a 20gb flash drive. Also, I want to start going to the gym on my way home from work, only I would be going alone so I need music, hence the mp3 player wantage. I figure each day I manage to go to the gym with it is worth like $5 or so. So that means it will be “paid off” it about 54 visits. Also my sister owes me $200, so if I count that towards it that means I only paid $60 for it. I think I will just go with my “paying it off” with visits to the gym. I plan to go to the gym 5 days a week, each day after work and staying there for at least an hour working out. I still want to go with Jeff and play racket ball, but I also want to go more often to hopefully lose more fat and get myself in better physical condition. I’m tired of getting worn out after a short run and shit, and I also want to look sexy, rawr.

So does anyone agree with my justification?



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