Nov. 1 Seaside Adventure Part 2

know its been a few days and I laxing on my posting duties for you all, but I am trying! This will now become our Seaside Adventure Part 2: the time in Seaside!


As you all know from the last post (because I am certain everyone of you read it you bastages) we arrived in Seaside at some time in the vicinity of 5:30am. Mind you I had been telling Kaylie all day that she needs to call and make a hotel reservation. Now ask if she did. Go on, ask out loud, I can hear you through the secret microphones I installed in each of your houses. HEY! No need to yell! Sheesh. Well, thank you for asking, but no she did not call and make a reservation anywhere. So there we where, driving around Seaside at 6am trying to find a hotel that would A) not cost a million dollars and B) lets us check in and not make us leave at 11am. After waking up 3 people and asking them we finally found a hotel that fit both criteria. It was the one and only Royal Hotel! It wasn’t super nice, but it fit perfectly for what we wanted.

When we woke up I took the kids and Kaylie to the Pig ‘n Pancake for breakfast where Kaylie discovered the wonderful joy that is Crapes. We wondered around Seaside on foot all day, went to the beach and chased the water, played on the swing sets and just in general relaxed and had a great time!

On Friday we ate at the Pig ‘n Pancake again then drove down to Tillamook to see the Tillamook cheese factory. Which let me tell you, is much much more fun if you have some money to spend and buy cheese! After this we started our merriment of a trip home, which I will tell you all about in my next post. So, until next time Bat-fans! Same Bat-Blog, probably not the same Bat-Time!



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