No sleep for me this weekend, none at all.

Now let us talk about what I am going to be doing today, Sunday November 20, 2005.  Well friends, as you know I will be getting off work at 9am at which time I have to drive out to Shelton to bowl travel league, and I have to be there by 10am.  Yeah, I don’t think I will be able to make it in time either.  Let us assume for a moment that I do happen to make it there in time (which again is highly unlikely since my boss comes in to work after I do and she is 9 times out of 10 ten or fifteen minutes late) once there I have to bowl 6 games.  I won’t be able to get out of there until around 3pm, which gives me 3 hours to do whatever I want until I have to be back at Bremerton Lanes to bowl my league.  I will probably get done with that around 9pm at which time I have another 3 hours to do whatever my hearts desire is then I have to come back to work at 1am and be here until 9am.  Then Monday when I get off at 9 I will get to go home and sleep until 4pm then go to class until 7pm after which I will have band practice until 9pm then pass out before coming back to work at 1am and working until 9pm.
Now I’m not sure where I am supposed to sleep between now and Monday, but it is looking to be a fun filled day already!
I told my boss to never schedule me like this again on a travel league day, haha. There is a good chance that I wont be coming to my league tonight, that I will choose to skip it and post bowl it sometime this next week and take that time to go home and sleep.  I know my mother would approve of that plan, and I know my body will thank me for it.  And I’m sure my boss would appreciate me being awake on my shift.  Also tonight’s shift is one of the most boring shifts there are for graveyard since it will be dead from 2am until I leave.

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