Nipple-Gate 3

This morning I was awoken by a sensation I’m not used to. About 3:30am my daughter woke up from what I can only assume is a bad dream and screamed from her room “DADDY! I WANT  YOU!” over and over while crying. The wife nudged me to go get her since it didn’t wake me up, and I did accordingly. I went to her room, opened the door and she nearly jumped into my arms to cuddle.  I took her back to our bed and promptly snuggled with her and went back to sleep.

That was not the alarming sensation. That came a few hours later around 5am when I was awoke by a sharp stinging in my left nipple. As some of you readers know back in June of 2009 I decided that (read: my wife tricked me into) getting my nipples pierced.  This was one of the most painful experiences of my life, but as I said on the podcast way back then it really only hurt for a moment. Once the needle was through the pain with down to a dull pain. Flash forward a year and a half I still have these bars of metal through my nipples and they still hurt. Constantly. They get little infections and the rings get snagged…on everything. Which hurts.

This morning however, at that lucky 5am time mark where that sharp stinging sensation hit my nipple I went from a dead sleep to wide awake and concerned. It felt like something was stabbing my nipple…from the inside. I got up, nipple clenched in hand, and went to the bathroom to see what the hell happened. I then noticed that one of the balls to the bar had come unscrewed and the bar was violently attacking me from the inner workings of my left nip-nip. “Well shit” I thought as I went back to the bed, nipple still clenched in hand, to search for the ball. Luckily  found it and got it put back on and am now in the recovery stage.

I still have no idea how this happened but if I was to guess I envision my lovely little daughter laying there next to me not quite awake and unscrewing the ball from the ring. So as far as I’m concerned, that is what happened.

And that is my story for you for today. I hope you enjoyed it.

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