Nick at Nite and a preview of Wires

These last few nights I have been watching Nick at Nite here at work, more specifically I have been watching The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, The Cosby Show and Who’s The Boss. I must say, The Fresh Prince is a very white show, as is The Cosby Show. I think the people behind The Fresh Prince where basically wanting to do a lot of white against black jokes, but needed a black front to get away with it. I say this because most of the jokes are very stereotypical, and I think the show would have been the EXACT same if they had Will Smith move in with is white auntie and uncle in Bel-Air, since the entire family is basically black faced white people.
Now The Cosby Show is a little different. I think it got its success, not because it was funny or inventive, but because it wasn’t a black show. There was nothing really ‘black’ about the show besides the color of their skin and I think at the time it was on America really wanted to see a well off black family that wasn’t very black in the way it acted. I dunno, just saying. Oh and Alisa Milano is still hot on Who’s the Boss?.


This is what I have done for one of the drawings for wires, as you can see there’s A LOT more still to do on it. And yes i have been watching Boondocks.


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