My open Dear John letter to Comic-Con International 1

Ahh Comic-Con, how I love and hate you all the same. I’ve been a part of your glorious luster not once, not twice, but thrice over the years. You gave me some great memories, I’ve met some great friends there (Tom Baxa and Andy Lee! I love you guys!) and I’ve seen some amazing things. I was there in 2002, 2004 and 2006 and each year was bigger than the last. I remember in 2006 my father and I got in early every day because we got in good with the Metropolis Comics guys. Not because we where buying anything, but simply because of the conversations.

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We had some great times, really we did. Remember that time we met Martin Nodell, the creator of the Green Lantern? That was pretty awesome. His grand-daughter sure was a looker. Or when you helped me met Neal Adams and he did that awesome Batman sketch for my nephew, even though he doesn’t do sketches very often. Yeah, that was pretty kick ass. Oh, remember when we met Japanese artist Yoshitaka Amano and he signed and sketched in those art books for me? Man that was pretty wicked.

We have shared beers, great food and lots of women and men in costumes. I remember once there was this girl wearing a slave girl outfit with no underwear, and you could see everything. I also remember the family of Klignons, all in costume and speaking Kligon. Age ranging from 5-65. What great times.

I am sad to say that due to you becoming too big for your britches I will no longer be participating in the joyous event that is ‘you’. I am trading you in for something more palpable and less insane. Yes, you selling out in a few hours and your web-site getting 33 million hits shows me that you no longer care about me.  You have told me that you have lowered yourself to the common hooker and will take anyone that comes your way, that I no longer deserve any special treatment. I am leaving you for Emerald City ComiCon. It’s closer to me, and they always make me feel like I’m important. Hell, they gave me free Bacon Salt.

This does not mean I will never grace the halls of your greatness. It simply means I will no longer put out the effort to come visit you. I will still return your calls, and give you the occasional freebie, but I will not seek you out. We can still be friends, for sure and feel free to invite me to events.

I don’t expect you to respond, but it would be nice.


John Horsley

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