My old boss from Bremerton Lanes is now in jail – Roy Pierce, a retrospect. 3

Roy Pierce

Roy Pierce

In October of 2005 I accepted a job at Bremerton Lanes working as a graveyard shift front desk clerk. Not the most glamorous of jobs, but it had it’s perks. The biggest perk of all is I met my wife there and then promptly for the flagnog out.

In March of 2006 (on my birthday non the less) I moved over to the Security department when the manager asked me if I wanted a pay raise and off the graveyard shift. I was pretty happy to be moving off of the front desk team and also very happy to be getting a pay raise since I believe at the time I was only making $8.50 an hour (pathetic, I know). I started the new position with a 16 hour shift. After working my last shift on the front desk at 9am I went back to work at 11pm for security until 3pm the next day. To say I was tired is a little more than an understatement. At that point I had a new boss, a man I had spoken with several times throughout my time at the front desk.

Bremerton Lanes

Bremerton Lanes

At the front desk I was off work at 9am but the guards changed over at 7am. This gave me a 2 hour window in which was mostly spent trying to stay awake and talking with Roy’s daughter (who was 16 at the time). This is also how I eventually got asked to move to security and got to know Roy. I always had some reservations about Roy because he was the kind of man who liked to make jokes to all of the females around him. Things like calling himself a sexual dynamo and what not. People always attributed it to him being a dirty old man, but always assured you that he was only kidding and “would never cross that line.” Still I always felt a little uncomfortable around him, especially if there where females present. I’m not going to lie and say it was dirty jokes ALL THE time and OMFG it was like working at penthouse with the type of language he used. That would be unfair to him and to the ladies that worked there. I will say that when a female was present the “jokes” and “comments” would come up more than once. Like I said most people just shrugged it off and pretty much everyone got a long with Roy.

After my wife and I started dating there Roy seemed to change his attitude towards me a little. Not to toot my horn and say he was jealous or anything, but that is what it felt like. I once told him I was taking a two-week vacation with her to New York and if he wasn’t okay with it I would find out if I had a job when I got back. Surprisingly that didn’t get me fired, calling in for work sick for the first time in 14 months did. But I digress on the point of this post.

This post is not a trip down memory lane, it is to outline my complete and utter disgust for the actions of this man.


Roy Ladale Pierce, 47, formerly the security and bar manager at the now defunct Bremerton Lanes, pleaded guilty to first-degree child molestation, possession of child pornography and two counts of voyeurism. County prosecutors and Pierce’s attorney had agreen to the plea deal before Monday’s hearing.


Child pornography? Voyeurism? This man has SEVERAL young children that LIVED in his house with him!

Let’s keep reading, shall we?

Bremerton police detectives obtained a warrant to search his home and found three terabytes of pornography after confiscating numerous hard drives, cameras, memory cards and video tapes. While not all of the pornography was illegal, police estimated there were “tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of images of child pornography,” according to court documents.

THREE TERABYTES! Does anyone realize how much that is? That is 3×1012 bytes or 3,000,000,000,000 bytes. That is roughly 1,048,576 MB or 3,072 GB of data. Being conservative and putting a FULL LENGTH movie at 800MB (normal size is between 600MB and 1.2GB) that is 1,310 full length movies.  524,288 2mb pictures.  262,144 4mb mp3’s. That is what in technical terms is considered a shit pile.

A landlord also found at the home a box with bags containing used feminine hygiene products and female underwear, “dated and organized into some type of filing system,” corrections officials said.

You have gotta be kidding me, seriously? What purpose would those have? “Oh smell that dried bloody tampon” “Oh look, she poo’d in these ones!”

Police believe Pierce also took nude photos at Bremerton Lanes. They contend he photographed women who worked there under threat of firing if they did not participate, corrections officials said.

This makes me think about A LOT of the girls that I used to work with. I know a lot of them knew Roy and went over to his house since he used to host parties there all the time. Hell I even went to a few, but it was always awkward since his kids where still there and I always ended up leaving shortly after. Makes me wonder how many and whom of the female employees there I knew and where friends with he tricked into letting him take dirty pictures. Keep in mind most of the kitchen female staff was underage, and he did always spend a lot of time talking to the people in the kitchen.


Pierce is willing to receive treatment in prison, and, Lewis said, would also be willing to undergo chemical castration.

This will NOT help your victims Roy. You want to make amends with them? Let them do it with a dull spoon.

What I really feel bad about is his kids, all of them. I think there are 6 or 7 total. I knew his eldest daughter the best as she used to always talk with me when I was at work. Knowing what happened here, and what that article DOESN’T tell you about what went down my thoughts and prayers go out to her. I hope that with time, and proper therapy his children can lead a normal well-adjusted life and put this behind them.

I hope Roy’s sentence (which I think is not long enough) proves to teach him a thing or two about what is appropriate. I hear inmates really take a disliking to child molesters.

Good luck with your colon.

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