moving 24

well, i helped nick move today, how fun. not a lot of stuff, just heavy. so im going to be sore tomorrow.

i picked up the new zelda game today, and i got me a GBA SP. god they are phat. yes, PHAT!!!

ill be at the Robins nest tomorrow, if anyone needs a ride, let me know.i think im going to become a ride whore for shows i go to, asumming people make me go(this is your responsibility word, and yes im cool enough to want to have at a show)

my spoon is to big
my spoon, is to big
my spoon is to big
i am a banana

would you like to go to a movie?
i live in a giant bucket

tuesdays coming do you have your coat?
im feeling fat, and sassy

for the love of god, my anus is bleeding

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