i spent all day thursday with the head ache from HELL, it was terrible. what made it worse is that i spent the day with my grilfriend, and i was misserable so i felt like i was bringing her down, and all i could think of was how i really didnt want to be there. not cause i don tlike her company, but when i have a head ache, i get annoyed, VERY VERY FUCKING easily, and i didnt want to yell at her. she is really cool, but she gets on my nerves sometime,s but thats cause im a moody bitch.

i dont know if i want a girlfriend anymore, i think i want to be single, then ina month ill want a girlfriend again. i dont know what to do. i really like thea, but i dont really want to be her boyfriend. im going to talk to her baout it tomorrow, if i get the balls to do so, since im such a fucking pussy when it comes to emotions and shit.

on the other hand, i am going to be buying the domain soon and start a website about my artwork. that should be fun.

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