more jacmac 13

read this if you want, i found it funny.

jacmac202000: hi
avgs01: hi
jacmac202000: how are you??
avgs01: good u?
jacmac202000: i am surviving
jacmac202000: i have to have surgery tomorrow
avgs01: for?
jacmac202000: i have a cyst on my bottom
avgs01: fun
jacmac202000: yeah i know
jacmac202000: but its a day thing only
jacmac202000: my mom will be with me
avgs01: kool
avgs01: hopefully it doesnt infect anything else
jacmac202000: yeah i am scared
jacmac202000: i hope not
avgs01: never know
jacmac202000: well its alreadyt infected as it is
jacmac202000: its like the size of a quarter
jacmac202000: and he has to go in and cut it out

avgs01: now thats what i call sexy
jacmac202000: sexy?
jacmac202000: i asm scared
avgs01: nothing sexier then a boil on an ass
jacmac202000: really
avgs01: oh yeh
avgs01: gets me all warmed up
jacmac202000: really
jacmac202000: not me
jacmac202000: where do you live again?
avgs01: bremerton
jacmac202000: oh ok

jacmac202000: are you doing anything tonight?

avgs01: not sure why?
jacmac202000: want to do soemthing?
avgs01: such as?
jacmac202000: we could go get soemthging to eat and get to know each other
avgs01: is this because i find your boil sexy?
jacmac202000: no

jacmac202000: i just want something to do?
avgs01: but dont you think im ugly?
jacmac202000: we could just hang as freinds
avgs01: what do you look like?
jacmac202000: blonde kinda brown hair short
jacmac202000: blue eyes with glasses
jacmac202000: and i am short and sweeet
jacmac202000: do you want more detail?
avgs01: yes please
jacmac202000: like what?
jacmac202000: ask and i will answer
avgs01: do you have a photo?
jacmac202000: yes on my yahoo profile but that is old
avgs01: so that is you…
jacmac202000: yeah but i do not look like that anymore
jacmac202000: my hair is shorter and i am not so fat
avgs01: well
jacmac202000: so you want to come or not?

what i found funny was the part that she wanted me to come see her after i told her a boil on her ass is sexy.

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