King Kong – He makes all the ladies say AH!

King Kong

~11 out of 10

Peter Jackson is the fucking man, as we all know from watching the Lord of the Rings movies. Who honestly thought he would be able to top that trilogy with a movie about a big monkey? As a director it has to be somewhat awe inspiring to be able to adapt your favorite book trilogy into film, and do it right, and then get the chance to re-make your favorite classic film that the studio said they would never re-make again. Oh boy did he do this one right. Just like the original you don’t see Kong for the longest time, it’s all build up on the characters and the reason they are going to Skull Island, but an hour into the film we have the emergence of Kong from the jungle and from then on it’s a King Kong on screen epic. Jackson does an incredible job of giving Kong personality and emotion so you don’t just see him as a monster, you see him as a tortured gorilla that is really just looking for companionship, which he finds in Anne. There is a scene where Anne is going through her dance routine for Kong to make him laugh and the expressions on his face are priceless and will have you laughing as well. In an interview prior to this movie being released Jackson said that his favorite scene growing up was the T-Rex fight and that he wanted to do that scene right. Well Mr. Jackson, give yourself a well deserved pat on the back since that was the greatest on screen monster fight of all time, and possibly one of the coolest jaw dropping moments in the entire movie. Just seeing Kong take on not one, not two but THREE T-Rex’s all for his beloved Anne, and for all the movements to not feel faked but how a if there was a giant gorilla fighting three T-Rex’s this is exactly how it would go down is enough to make one piss their own pants and be happy about it. I think this movie tops even Harry Potter as the best film of the year. I do have to honestly say that in the first hour there are a few moments you wish he hadn’t used the shots he did, some shots seem a little redundant and useless, but it’s only about 5 minutes of the entire film, the other 2 hours and 55 minutes are spectacular. The only thing I hope is that we don’t see the sequel re-made, Son of Kong, that would just be stupid. Though I do want to go rent ‘Mighty Joe Young’ now and watch it (that would be the third movie in the original Kong trilogy that was remade in the 90’s). Final word? STOP READING THIS AND GO SEE KING KONG!!

Enjoy the following video from Tripod.

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