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Monday morning I go in to get my wisdom teeth out at 7:45am. I’m pretty happy about this, though I know the aftermath is going to suck. Though I am kind of looking forward to it because I get three days off in a row and I will just sit in pain and watch He-Man and Duck Tales! How awesome does that sound! Well minus the pain portion.

I had to come in and talk to my boss about getting some days off for this, so I brought her in a white and pink rose as a bribe to give me the days off. Thankfully it worked like a charm, she had no problem giving me the days off and rescheduling me to make up the hours so I stay at 40 a week. Of course this means next Friday night I have to work 1am to 9am then Saturday I come in and work 1pm-9pm then come back Sunday night, after driving up to Port Angeles to bowl travel league, to work 1am to 9am. But at least she worked with me to keep the 40 per week. Now only if I was making a decent wage…

So let us talk about tonight at work. Firs off, this was supposed to be one of my days off but I am covering for Kip since his daughter is n town and he wanted to spend time with her. I came in thinking it would be a normal night, some bowlers but not a lot and a general normal night. Boy howdy was I wrong on this. I get here and 13-36 are shut down cause there is a league in the morning and 1-12 are full, completely full, and they stay that way for 2 and ½ hours after I get here. That’s all fine, I can handle that no problem, where it gets tricky is there is no night mechanic so if any lane breaks I either have to move them or go fix it, and since there was no where to move anyone to I spent a lot of time in the back fixing lanes. One thing after another I had to go back there for. I would go fix a 180 come back to the desk then have to go fix a banana rack, then a black out, then another 180 and some ball calls. It was insane, I must have made 20 trips to the back to fix lanes in the first 2 hours I was here.

There is also this employee who will remain nameless but we will call ‘Josh’ or the purpose of this post. He ALWAYS has a million ball calls or 180’s or something that I have to go back and fix. He has this fucking ball that gets stuck in the machine almost EVERYTIME he throws is and Kelly (the mechanic that was on before I got here) told me that he specifically told Josh not to use that ball because it WILL get stuck. So what does Josh do as soon as Kelly leaves? Starts using that ball again making me have to go get it. Well tonight I only went and got it once then told him that if he throws it again it will just get stuck and I am NOT going to be coming down to his lane (which is the furthest from the desk) to get ball calls all night, I have to much other shit to do. He looked sad and put it away. Will he learn that his ball just doesn’t work in our machines? Absolutely not, next time he bowls he will use it and there will be a million ball calls for him and the mechanic will get pissed and want to strangle him. I know the thought if breaking it in the back then sending it back up the lane has crossed my mind once or twice…if its broke he cant throw it.

Oh I also had some belligerent asshole come up to me, yelling at me saying “I need to speak with the manager! Right fucking now!” to which I told him that I m the manager, how can I help you? He goes on to tell me that The ATM Machine told him he had so much, then told him he had nothing, then the other ATM told him he had the same amount as the first receipt. Now why he was checking his balance over and over I do not know, but he was so upset with me that the second receipt told him there was nothing that he felt the need to make a scene. I told him it was more then likely an error with the machine and since the there ATM told him the money was there that he shouldn’t worry. Also, the receipt looked like an error slip and not a balance slip, but I wasn’t about to try and explain this to him, since there is no way in Jehovah he would understand.

Oh I found this while searching the web and thought I would share it with you. Photoshop is a wonderful thing.


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